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About Sahan Job

SAHAN JOBS is one of the leading Somali jobs advertising sites in Somalia, Somaliland & Somali
Regional States that announces all available vacancies in public, private sectors, local and international NGO.
We allow job seekers to sign up for a free account.
We also provide a full online service for Somali people who are seeking jobs and the employers who need great and talented people.
We’re not a recruitment agency; we’re a job advertising site. This means we advertise vacancies
on behalf of employers and recruitment agencies that are looking for professional staff in Somalia.
We are a private company sahanjob.com will keep you informed about all job opportunities that match you qualifications. We also provide information, advice and guidance about careers and skills across Somalia to help all Somali job seekers.
The main objectives of maintaining this blog is to have a comprehensive and easily accessible platform for Somali Job Seekers & Employers. We are connecting employers and job seekers in the Somali region and east Africa as well. We aim to help Somali job seekers to conveniently browse all jobs available in Somali region and those that other nationals are eligible to apply for, such jobs include jobs in UN Agencies, International NGOs, and those around the East Africa countries, especially in Somali Regions.
To simplify the communication between job seekers and employers operating in the Somali Regions & East Africa using the emerging technology, and organizing an annual career fairs where the two stakeholder meet in the same place for one-to-one interview & interactions.

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